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Starting 2015/16

All of my Biomedical Science Teaching & Research will take place in the new School of Medical Sciences.

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Smoking may protect against Parkinson’s disease – but it’s more likely to kill you

20 June 2016

Final Year Biomedical Science Student Makes Break-Through Cancer Discovery

02 July 2015

Cancer Cells do it the “quick-and-dirty way”

10 June 2014

Cell Cycle & DNA Repair Research Laboratory

thomas caspari

Why do we get cancer?

My research group tries to find an answer to this question by studying how our genetic information changes over time. Many of the key events which alter our DNA occur when cells copy their chromosomes. During this process the DNA must be opened up making it vulnerable to breakage and chemical modifications.

We use the fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) and human cells to research diverse pathways ranging from cell cycle regulators to DNA damage checkpoints to the circadian clock, all working together to prevent these genetic aberrations.

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