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Current Group members

  • Yasir Al-Mehdi

Research Group

Our Research

We use human cell lines and the fission yeast (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) as a model to understand how genomic instability arises. Genomic instability is a major driving force of cancer development and neurodegenerative disorders. For example, the first sign of cancerous growth is the accumulation of broken chromosomes as a result of DNA replication problems. We are particularly interested in novel protein varinats of the DNA damage sensor proteins Rad9, Hus1 and Cds1. We also investigate how the human circadian clock proteins Period 1 (Per1) and Neuronal-PAS domain protein 2 (NPAS2) respond to DNA damage and environmental stress.

Examples of yeast (left) and human cells (nucleus is stained red).



  • KESS (European Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships)
  • Cancer Research Wales
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • The Government of Libya
  • European Leonardo DaVinci exchange program
  • North West Cancer Research

Former PhD Students

  • Dr Jessica Fletcher (2017)
  • Dr Saad Ali S Aljohani (2017)
  • Dr Rabiaa Oun (2016)
  • Dr Salah Adam Mahyous Saeyd (2015)
  • Dr Widad A. Mansour Al-Mahmoud (2014)
  • Dr Dylan Wyn Jones (2014)
  • Dr Simon Janes (2012)
  • Dr Brad Nicholas (2011)
  • Dr Katarzyna Ewert-Krzemieniewska (2009)

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